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Extra tools and commands to extend WorldEdit for Minetest

If you can dream of it, it probably belongs here!

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A green 2D hedge maze, made with the //maze command

Use //maze and //maze3d to generate customisable mazes in 2 or 3 dimensions.

Customise the path sizing for additional artistic control.

A forest of orange and lemon trees from the cooltrees mod, along with some bushes from Minetest Game.

Save time by creating instant forests with //forest.

Artibrary mixes of saplings are supported too as a weighted list.

A small mountain smoothed with //smoothadv and topped with snow with //overlay

Unlock a continuously growing library of commands, such as //smoothadv for easy terrain smoothing, and //overlay for overlaying a node on top of terrain.

Many more commands are waiting to be discovered, including //torus, //bonemeal, and //scale.

A dirt torus with a grassy top, and a meadow of grass/flowers. Demonstrates //layers and //bonemeal. Doesn't have much to do with the sentences below - I just thought it looked nice as meta commands are difficult to find a good picture for.

Powerful meta commands such as //multi for executing multiple commands at once and //subdivide for running commands on areas of virtually unlimited size enable convenience and enhance flexibility.



WorldEditAdditions on ContentDB

Download from ContentDB, or from the Content tab in Minetest.

WorldEditAdditions on ContentDB


WorldEditAdditions is dependent on WorldEdit. Clone using Git:

cd path/to/worldmods;
git clone worldedit;
git clone worldeditadditions;

Source code on GitHub

Getting Started

If you're familiar with WorldEdit already, then WorldEditAdditions will follow the existing expectations you're used to. For players new to WorldEdit / WorldEditAdditions, we have a tutorial that will get you up to speed in no time!