WorldEditAdditions Changelog

It's about time I started a changelog! This will serve from now on as the main changelog for WorldEditAdditions.

Note to self: See the bottom of this file for the release template text.

v1.13: Untitled update (unreleased)


v1.12: The selection tools update (26th June 2021)


v1.11: The big data update (25th January 2021)

v1.10: The tidyup update (16th January 2021)

v1.9: The Nature Update (20th September 2020)

v1.8: The Quality of Life Update (17th July 2020)

v1.7: The Terrain Update! (21st June 2020)

Release text template

The text below is used as a template when making releases.


See below for instructions on how to update.



Updating depends on how you installed WorldEditAdditions.

After installing the update, don't forget to restart your client and / or server.