WorldEditAdditions Changelog

It's about time I started a changelog! This will serve from now on as the main changelog for WorldEditAdditions.

Note to self: See the bottom of this file for the release template text.

v1.15: The untitled update (unreleased)

Bugfixes and changes

Lua API changes

v1.14.5: The multipoint update, hotfix 5 (1st August 2023)

v1.14.4: The multipoint update, hotfix 4 (31st July 2023)

v1.14.3: The multipoint update, hotfix 3 (18th July 2023)

v1.14.2: The multipoint update, hotfix 2 (15th July 2023)

v1.14.1: The multipoint update, hotfix 1 (12th July 2023)

v1.14: The multipoint update (11th July 2023)

Bugfixes and changes

v1.13: The transformational update (2nd January 2022)


v1.12: The selection tools update (26th June 2021)


v1.11: The big data update (25th January 2021)

v1.10: The tidyup update (16th January 2021)

v1.9: The Nature Update (20th September 2020)

v1.8: The Quality of Life Update (17th July 2020)

v1.7: The Terrain Update! (21st June 2020)

Release text template

The text below is used as a template when making releases.


See below the changelog for instructions on how to update.



Updating depends on how you installed WorldEditAdditions.

After installing the update, don't forget to restart your client and / or server.