WorldEditAdditions Cookbook

This file contains a number of useful commands that WorldEditAdditions users have discovered and found useful. They do not necessarily have to containWorldEditAdditionscommands - pureWorldEditcommands are fine too.

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Fix lighting

//multi //1 //2 //outset 50 //fixlight //y

As a brush:

//brush cubeapply 50 fixlight

Terrain editing

The following brushes together can make large-scale terrain sculpting easy:

//brush cubeapply 25 set stone
//brush ellipsoid 11 9 11 stone
//brush sphere 5 stone
//brush cubeapply 50 fillcaves stone
//brush cubeapply 30 50 30 conv
//brush cubeapply 50 conv
//brush sphere 5 air
//brush cubeapply 50 fixlight
//brush cubeapply 50 layers dirt_with_grass dirt 3 stone 10

Preserve Air During Schematic Load

//loadonly writes non-air blocks in a saved WorldEdit schematic. To get around this the//allocatecommand was created so that users could set the target area to air before the new nodes were written. The following command applies this work flow (replace<file>with the name of your schematic before using the command):

//multi //allocate <file> //set air //load <file>

En-mass Foliage clearing

Clearing large amounts of foliage is easy with the new//subdividefunction!

//subdivide 20 20 20 //clearcut

Another good way to clear large chunk of land is with//many:

//many 25 //multi //clearcut //y //shift x 10

Adjust the numbers (and direction in the//shiftcommand) to match your scenario.

Flower Field

Make a flower field with no grass.

//overlay air 20 flowers:geranium 1 

Adjust the air value to change flower density.

//overlay air 80 flowers:rose 1 flowers:tulip 1 flowers:dandelion_yellow 1 flowers:chrysanthemum_green 1 flowers:geranium 1 flowers:viola 1 flowers:dandelion_white 1 flowers:tulip_black 1

When working with many types of flowers the air values need to be higher to compensate. The best equation for the air value that I've found is<desired spacing> * <sum of flower probabilities>.

Grass Field

Make a grass field

//overlay air 36 default:grass_2 2 default:grass_3 2 default:grass_4 1 default:grass_5 1

Adjust the air value to change grass density. As with flower field the best equation for the air value is<desired spacing> * <sum of flower probabilities>.